another first over here...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...a loose tooth!
I think this child will be having her first visit from a magical, money-dropping fairy soon! She is very entertained by her first loose tooth. It is all the rage in her kindergarten class to be losing teeth, otherwise, I would think she'd hate it. But, as it is, you get attention and are considered pretty cool - if you are loosing your teeth.  So she's excited!
Uh-oh! She had no idea what eating an apple might accomplish...
"You might come out today! I don't know if I want that."
"Will it hurt? I don't want it to come out, Mom."
"I like to play with it."
This is kind of gross. But must be documented...
"Mine is loose too! This one...way back here." My response, "No it's not you silly." She has to do everything that big sis does.
This may be the last time she looks like this, for awhile.
More to come should fall out any day now.

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