so sweet one minute...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sometimes I have to wake her up early from nap to go pick up big sis at school. Kids are just so adorable when they sleep!
This is what she's like...just moments later. :) It is totally understandable, sweetie.

celebrating 7

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We had another day of birthday celebration. She loved her new scooter from my parents. My favorite pics of her tonight were with these hilarious sunglasses my mom got her. She zipped around looking pretty cool on her razor scooter. More than any other birthday, it feels like we have reached the "big kid" phase. And it's just crazy!

could she really be 7 now?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How is this possible?  7 years!  We are celebrating a birthday over here tomorrow.  My freckle-faced kid keeps growing up...and I am trying very hard to like it.  I look at both of these pictures and I am just amazed.  I'm in awe of God for entrusting such a person to me.  She will always be my first little one.  I can remember holding her in those first few hours and being scared to death.  What if I screw this all up?!  I embrace her now and have the same thought.  Only now she's this opinionated, articulate, creative, spirited-kid.  And I feel even less "in-control."  With all that in mind, God knows I need her.

Sorry for all the sappiness.  I think it's impossible to avoid considering the circumstances.

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