Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thankful for...

our home. toddler kisses. family nearby. a husband who leads us well. his job. God's unfailing love. girls in dress-up. sweet friends. laughter. pictures + sweet memories.

I'm looking forward to celebrating tomorrow with my lovely grandparents, enjoying a feast & watching the game.
These photos are not really related, are they? Oh well, they were the ones that got edited tonight. Goodnight.

her wish list...adam and I are in so much trouble.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today our oldest daughter wrote out her wish list for Christmas. After she read it to me I was amazed! First thought, all of her misspellings are adorable. Second thought, if our goal is to raise a little materialist...we are looking pretty successful. And finally, oh my are we going to bring some reality into this situation? I asked her (after her little presentation), "this list is really big...what do you expect to receive for Christmas?" To which she responds, "Mom, I don't expect to get everything (sigh)." (I don't know though).

Her list translated:
American Girl - Rebecca, tights, cardboard house, bracelets, dress, iPod and cell phone, scarf, necklace, doll clothes, Leapster, shawl, dolly bed, picture frame, fairytale book

Oh, goodness.

I had her read it to dad when he got home. His response was classic, "well, sweetie, I think we can afford to get you the cardboard house." (My thoughts...exactly!)

Note to grandparents (and all relatives): this post is for humor-sake and is not meant to be informative. We'll discuss reasonable ideas very soon! :)

I had to grab my camera quick

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I was doing some chores in the kitchen & the kids were playing quietly. I was surprised when I turned the corner and found a wedding ceremony in progress. This totally took me back to when my sister and I played together. My favorite part is the petticoat from a dress-up dress used as a bridal veil.

just humor me. i took a lot of photos that night.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween = one fun photo opp! I just had to post a few more.
We all got excited about this hot air balloon costume. My daughter and Adam had fun making it together (my contribution was painting the box...I had to pull out my skills from 8th grade art class). I'm putting this one in the attic. It will come out again, or maybe borrowed?
Here are our fun neighbors, Yobany & Denise, enjoying the big reveal. They're cute & expecting a baby, so she's extra-cute. They peeked in on the fun we were having carving pumpkins with our across-the-street neighbors Steve & Mariella. Mariella made these adorable "mummy" mini-pizzas & "mummy" hot dog wraps. Adam carved that pumpkin from scratch...just kidding...he had help from an intricate stencil. But still...that's looking pretty amazing!
ains 2

This costume idea of the bathtub was a lot of fun. Thrown together totally last minute & you have to notice its greatest feature...she's buckled in the whole time! That made trick-or-treating a little easier with 3. The balloons gave her some entertainment too.

The peacock was my attempt at recycling an old recital costume by adding a little felt & a headband. You pay a lot for these outfits...and only wear them once? Big sis donated her Barbie Island Princess peacock feathers to the cause. Well, it was a hit for our little girl. She loved it and the memory of her peacock impression will bring Adam and I delight for a long time.

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