turning 6. a few more from the birthday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She got a ride to school with Dad...who serenaded her with a birthday rap. I really wish I could have heard it. She thought it was awesome. She'll never believe it one day...but she actually wanted Dad to perform it for her classmates.  Cupcakes with classmates at lunch was a good replacement (for everyone involved, I think).

After school we had an impromptu mini-party with Grammy SueSue at the Chik-fil-a. Got a few presents. And a free balloon. ;)
Here's our conversation in the car on the way to the dollar movie theater. How old are you??
Hanging out before dinner...I'm messing around trying to get the 6:40 shot.
I'm taking pics of her taking pics. I have a feeling this will happen a lot over the years...with 3 girls.
she's such a ham. I have no idea what she's doing here.
I couldn't miss the candle shot in the ice cream. After dinner, there was another impromptu party at Baskin Robbins with more grandparents & aunt amy. This kid has it so good!
We all got a kick out of hearing her read her bday cards out loud. It was a rewarding moment. She can read! Yay!

happy "birth-minute"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here she is on her birthday, on the minute she was born, 6:40 pm...six years ago today.  
It is just crazy that she is 6.  I never got used to her being 5.
I want to make this is a new tradition to take a quick shot of whatever they are doing on the minute they were born (they were all born in the late afternoon/evening...so it could actually be interesting).

We had a fun day with her.  I just love this kid like crazy.

more of our best buddies

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last night we grilled fajitas with our best buds. It's a shame how infrequent we get our whole families together. It's too much fun! Our kids were playing great together last night, and we got a little talking in (in the midst of the chaos). ;)
The Magees have 4 adorable kids. The night almost went by without any pictures...Mary and I weren't in the mood to pull out the cameras. But now I'm so glad that we have some kid pics. When they are older how are we going to convince them that they are all life-long best friends, without this kind of proof?

cool kids.

Mary's cute kids...

A few more...just had to.

Are girls born on the phone?  Filing their nails?
Are boys born knowing how to do the Heisman pose??
sweet, tired baby.

best buddies

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We got to hang out with our best buddies tonight! I had to grab a shot of these two before they discover that the opposite gender has cooties. Mary and I have done an excellent job convincing them that they are best friends, and it's awesome!

she's crawling!

Monday, April 13, 2009

As soon as Adam got home from work, she surprised us with her skills! It just never gets old. It's so cool to see them do new things!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amongst all of the Easter egg hunts, treats, and feasting with family, we are most thankful for this holiday to remind us of the One who gave His all for us. Happy Easter everyone!

today is a mental health day

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At 8:00 this morning I declared that today is a p.j. day. No one can get dressed, until it is absolutely necessary. Which will probably be around 4pm (the big girl has dance class). We got schoolwork done at a satisfactory-level. Everyone has been fed and laundry is going. I made it clear to the children that I must get pictures today. And I discovered something...if you time it just right....your kids can be incredibly cute when they are stalling naptime. It also helps if you let them jump on the bed. Then, of course, you can do the hardwork of getting them down and go visit the blog that you haven't thought much about in over a week. And here you go...

She can chill with the best of them, eating an enormous apple.

The big bouncer

The lil' bouncer

I claim these dimples. That's from me. ;)

Too busy eating to give me a smile...

The calm is now over and it's time to run to dance class, feed the baby, set up dinner and more cleaning before the small group comes over, call my daughter's teacher, have small group, and all the crazy stuff that keeps this life full (but good full).  I already can't wait to be in my pj's again (heehee).

childhood in Texas

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a few updated pics...I'm liking this vintage feel a lil' better.

We drove far into the hill country to find a bluebonnet hill.  When I got home I discovered that there wasn't one picture where they were all looking at the camera.  Oh, well.  There's just one of me and 3 of them, so I'm coming to terms with it.  It is still sweet to have a memory of sitting in bluebonnets.  I was grateful to have daughters on a day like this because at least they thought the idea of hunting for a field of flowers was a great idea, even if they wanted nothing to do with the camera.

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