Backyard Bible club :: Day 1
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Day 2
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So much need of a major bath!
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club 09 (1 of 1)
learning about the gospel in our cool
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For one week, volunteers at our church host backyard Bible clubs in their neighborhoods. This year there are about 40 clubs going on in and around Pflugerville. We are always so encouraged to see teenagers from our church give so much of their time in the summer to train and lead these clubs. They lead 4 clubs a! They are prepared in leading lots of games, teaching a Bible story and clearly teaching the gospel to kids. The kids love them too!

On a side note: I'm recovering from bronchitis and I still have a kid on antibiotics for strep hasn't been the easiest week. But seeing these pictures and telling some stories about club today has really helped me be grateful (for this week of clubs and the opportunities we have to show our neighbors that we care for them).


Nikki said...

How exciting! We are praying for the kids at your club. Missed getting to see you last Friday!

Danny Isom said...

Kendall - Can I use a couple of these pics in our Concert of Praise video?

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