The days left in her crib are numbered.  She was sleeping on her pillow pet in her "blue bed" (as she likes to call it...since blue is by far her favorite color).  This was the day that she decided to pray at dinnertime for the first time.  It blew us all away to hear her little 3 sentence prayer.  There are very few baby moments left.
On the very same day as the photo above, I witnessed this.  On our home school day we read a lesson together about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.  My oldest and I had a discussion about how Jesus  illustrated how much He loved and cared for them by this humble act.  (Something that hit me while teaching this...the love that Jesus displays for His disciples couldn't have been simple and easy since they made so many mistakes & didn't always trust Him.  A little like parenting?)
When daddy got home from work, they were eager to wash his feet.  He couldn't say no to such an offer.

I feel like I have to give one little sidenote, before what I share makes you think that my kids are super-spiritual.  The rewarding moment of a day like this kids rarely have moments like this!  I saw this day as a rare, but encouraging day.  It was evident that God was showing Adam and I something He was up to.  And I am grateful.


denisemayen said...

So sweet! How neat that you caught the foot-washing on camera.

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