Our Christmas

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I was grateful to have a picture of us.  I'm always behind the camera!  This man has had to do and be so much during our difficult first trimester.  I am so grateful for his servant heart!  I needed him and the grandmas so much, and they served us all so selflessly.

We still don't feel like we have established all of our family Christmas traditions.  However, we have used this interactive nativity set from FamilyLife for the past two years and the girls love it!  It takes a week, and we present it is as a daily family devotional.  It tells the Christmas story, and at the end leads up to why Jesus came and gives you an opportunity to explain the gospel to little ones.  One of my dear friends from church just bought this, and saw her son become a Christian with the help of this tool.  So cool!

Our gift to the girls this year was this pink retro kitchen set.  Now, when I'm watching the Food Network they get inspired and have to go make me something.

She says that this Supergirl costume was her favorite gift this year.  My mom gave it to her and it was a big hit!

The girls don't love anything more than dress-up.  Their great-aunt, Lala, gave them these adorable dresses.  Lil' sis wants to wear this nightgown all day and every night.

One of my favorite things...Christmas cards!  If you sent us one, we enjoyed it so much.  It was the year of the picture card, which made me very happy.

One wonderful surprise was getting to spend Christmas Eve with Amy at home.  She was in the hospital over Christmas, but we were allowed a few hours to do our family celebration at home.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and some fast presents. 

I had to get a shot of the Christmas coats, this is the 3rd Christmas where they have worn them.  This is probably my favorite consignment sale "find" ever.

This shot was taken of us on Christmas Day at Nanny & Papa's house.  Here are all 4 granddaughters and now we are all married.  It was the first Christmas with all of us together.


SueSue said...

I love this picture. It's going to be an all-time fave. Good photography! XOXO, SueSue

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