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Friday, January 18, 2008

I have to say a little bit about this child.  Many of you may remember that this kid did not show too much personality as an infant.  As a baby, she mainly possessed this expression...
Well, she talks now and has opened up with us.  And now she proves that she has a lot of personality!  We are just amazed with the silly things she says and does.
This was from her long nap today in our living room chair.  She managed to fall asleep in her regular clothes plus a ballet skirt plus a raincoat.  I found the site very funny.


Mageetribe said...

She HAS changed is fun getting to know the growing Cori!

rachel said...

haha! So these were the pictures you were talking about! I was looking at the wrong blog! She cracks me up. I miss her goofiness.

SueSue said...

Too good. I'm so glad you had the "before & after" shots. Ahhh, how well we remember the pensive-sorta-grumpy-expression.

Too bad we couldn't capture the sweat once she woke up from that nap. Maybe falling asleep in a raincoat isn't such a great idea unless you're going for a sauna.

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