my birthday

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last Friday, Feb. 15th, I celebrated my 29th bday.  That's my real age...and it may be for awhile.  Haha.  I'll remember it as a wonderful day, but I'll always look back and be a little sad that Adam had the flu (and had to miss out).  He is such a sweet guy and had planned a very fun date, that included a night away in a fancy hotel.  Even though he couldn't go out with me, he wanted me to enjoy my day with loved ones.  So after I enjoyed a nice dinner with my parents & kids, my best friend and I got to have a slumber party!  What young mom doesn't dream of this?!  Mary and I had hours and hours of chatting, with no kids interrupting us.  Amazing!
Earlier that afternoon, I enjoyed going to tea with my dear friends, Kathy & Barie.  On Fridays, Keria Tea shop in downtown Round Rock serves a traditional British afternoon tea.  I thought it was too much fun!  My kids napped at Barie's house, she arranged for them be taken care of, and we slipped away for some ladies time.  I am so grateful for the day of pampering.  My husband is all better, so now I don't feel as bad bragging about all that fun I had while he was sleeping.


Aimee said...

What a beautiful Tea Room and a beautiful birthday girl!!! What a treat! Tell Mary I said Hello and wished I could have crashed the slumber party! Definitely a young mom's dream!!! What will your 30th birthday be like?!?! Adam is GREAT at treats!!!

rachel said...

looks like fun! i love the pictures.

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