a rainy day

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It is has not been our typical Saturday over here.  It's rainy, cold and we are nursing a dad with the flu.  For being such miserable conditions, we tried to make it fun.  The girls and I went to a discount movie (and the rest of Austin had the same idea).  Big sis' had a blast watching a new movie and little sis' enjoyed snacking for 2 hours.  It was a hit!  Everyone took long naps on a day like today, but we were awakened by loud thunder.  (My girls are so scared of that).  What I found fascinating was the fact that a thunderstorm was above our house, but the sun was shining very brightly in the distance.  I don't find many things more beautiful than this, bright sun and rain at the same time.  Our daughters found it pretty fascinating too.  I was in awe of our Creator who can make such beautiful things.

it is pouring rain in this picture, I wish it were easier to see


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