one month old

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your life at one month old:
  • you have learned how to nurse and take a bottle...huge accomplishments!
  • you have endured many, many kisses very self-sacrificially
  • you can sleep through a lot of noise (made by your siblings, of course).
  • you have started to smile every once in awhile.  Just one smile makes our whole day.
  • you still sleep on your side and like to have your arms tucked tight.
  • you may not be able to talk, but you are a very strong communicator!  You make your needs known very clearly, which sometimes we find funny.
  • you have gotten over your first stomach bug and a little temp of 99.5 (that freaked us out a bit, but ended up being okay).  
I was very entertained last night by this synopsis of baby products that would frighten children...follow this link:
this made me laugh - The Silly Wagon


P said...

Not only is baby darling, but the link brought me a much needed laugh, thank you!
Pamela Garcia

Nicole P. said...

She is adorable!! Has it really been 1 month already?!?! WOW~!~

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