8 week update

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It is hard to pause and think about what is happening with this little one.  There is so much going on!  Here's what I can think of (for my own record)...
  • She's definitely eating great!  I think people see her double chin and big belly and question her age..."she's less than two months?"  "Really?"  I'm still not sure how much she weighs now.  Her 2 mo. appointment is soon.
  • Eating and sleeping is improving and we have found some sort of schedule that works.  I'm so grateful that she can sleep in a carseat...because we are on the go for so many naps.
  • Well, we have definitely developed a swing and pacifier addiction.  It has been aided by the fact that her older sisters think its their job to give her a paci, so the minute she fusses there's one in her mouth even before I notice.
  • She is so much more aware of us now.  She'll "interact" for a few minutes, when she's happy.  There are a few gurgles, and baby coos.
  • Her head is more steady, with the cute baby wobble.
Wow, that's more information than I thought I had.  Nice!  


Mageetribe said...

It's going by so quickly!!

Rachel Erwin said...

ah! I can't believe it! She looks huge!

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