one happy anniversary

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks to our amazing parents, we were able to get away for a night for our anniversary.  We enjoyed a great dinner at the Roaring Fork on Congress Ave.  Over dinner we weren't allowed to talk about the kids or church stuff...I forgot how refreshing that is sometimes.  Adam did good in planning the date.  We overnighted at the Hyatt on Town Lake and had breakfast at Magnolia Cafe.  It was such a wonderful break from the 'real world' of motherhood.  And I got 7 straight hours of sleep (thanks Mom!)...hallelujah!


Mageetribe said...

How awesome for you guys!! Ya'll look great...and I totally dig Adam's gotee...I'm glad he brought it back! Happy Anniversary!

Jason, Patty, & Eliana Grace said...

Congratulations! I look forward to that myself in a couple of months.

SueSue said...

PeeWee was a little champ! We had lots of fun on our first official sleepover -- lots of sharing and cuddle time! Let's do it again soon. xoxo SueSue

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