Monday, September 8, 2008

Kawaii's Hawaiian shaved ice (just off Main St. in Round Rock) was our family fun spot this summer.  We went a lot!  There was one week in June when I was really pregnant and the weather was brutally hot...I think we went every other day.  We are all suckers for the sno-cones with the cream added.  Adam stuck by his favorite - Pina Colada/Coconut with cream.  I got in a rut with Bahama Mama with cream.  And the girls tried it all!  It wasn't about the flavor, as much as the color that fit their mood.  This little jaunt is always playing rap, hip-hop, and bad teeny bopper radio.  Adam and I get our hoochie*-music fix there, and the girls show us their moves if the beat is right.
*if you don't know how to spell "hoochie" (like me), look up the webster's dictionary website...don't google "hoochie" to see if you spelled it right. just wanted to help you out.


Jason, Patty and Eliana Grace said...

Oh my goodness! We had a place just like that called Bahama Bucks about a mile from us in Dallas and we went there all the time! And when I was pregnant we had it several times a week, too, so I know what you mean! We craved the shaved ice!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE that place! It's right by my husbands office so we stop there TOO often:)

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