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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My current life's work, proudest moments, and warmest memories happen here...

We are all still enjoying snuggling with our sweet baby.

Last weekend we were anticipating rain (a little something called Ike) and so I thought some chalk play was in order.  The rain didn't reach to Austin, so these pictures are still on my fence...but isn't it cute?

Here's a little game that was created with a ball and a bucket.  They are being creative and playing well together these days (well, for the most part...there's still the "that's mine!" and "she took that away from me!" action going on).

I want to say that my little girl could keep up with her little guy friends in lego building.  I'm so proud.

Here is the potrait I enjoyed of me, holding the baby.  Such fun stuff.


Mageetribe said...

There's some fun stuff happening at the Brunson home! Those fence pictures are awesome!! Hey, I have a fence, chalk, and kids...maybe we could recreate that over here?! :)

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