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Sunday, October 12, 2008

One of our sweet, little friend's birthday was on Saturday at My Party Palace in Round Rock (their motto: where a girl can be a girl).  Oh, my goodness!  This was the cutest little girl's party!  And one big photo opp.
It was little girl heaven. When you first entered the party, you had to change into a princess gown. Then you went to get your makeup on and your nails painted. (While they are sitting at the vanity, they are being interviewed...and the moms don't know this).
Once they were all dressed up they had a lesson in "how to be a princess." And, of course, you had to be powdered with fairy princess dust.
Here's my favorite part! There was a fashion show, where the lady on the microphone presented the answers to the girls' interview questions.
"Miss A. is 5 years old. Her favorite color is blue sparkles and her favorite food is ice cream. She says her favorite animal is a flamingo and when she grows up she wants to be a doctor."  (Sweet!...she can support us in our old age.)
"Miss C. is 3 years old and you can guess what her favorite color is...it's purple. She says that her favorite food is sandwiches and her favorite animal is a tiger. And when she grows up she wants to be a mommy."  (Ahhhh! My heart melted at this point and a few tears welled up.)
And if that wasn't enough - then they go to their tea party with birthday cake!
Thanks Garrett family! We had a blast at the party!


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