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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here we are at the end-of-semester party.  The moms helped throw together a birthday party for Jesus for the kids.  I was the last mom to sign up for what to, I got the birthday cake!  Surprise, surprise.  I didn't realize at that particular moment that there was a specific recipe I needed to make.  But here's the ended up being a real blessing for me.  I loved the presentation that Ms. Carlson did for the kiddos using the cake, my labor of love.  I think I may even make it again.  So, here's the recipe - Grandmother's Birthday Cake for Jesus.  

And here's how it is presented:
The shape of the cake is round to represent the world into which Jesus was born. The bottom layer of the cake is black to signify that we all are sinners, which is why Jesus came to earth. The red layer symbolizes Jesus' blood that was shed on the cross for our sins. And the green layer denotes the new life we have in Christ after our sins have been washed away. The pure white frosting stands for the righteousness and purity of Jesus Christ, and the border of red hearts represents brothers and sisters united in Christ and circling the earth as his witnesses. On the top of the cake is the gold star, the Star of David. The star shone bright heralding Jesus' birth and lighting the way to the manger. The red candle is Jesus who came into the dark world to bring truth and light to all who are willing to receive it.Each person holds a green candle and lights it from the red candle and says, "We are the light of the world to shine for Jesus." Place the candle on the cake (be sure to assist small children). When everyone has had a turn, finish by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.


Jason, Patty and Eliana Grace said...

That is awesome! Jason and I are wanting to do a birthday party for Jesus as a family tradition on Christmas morning and this would be the perfect addition!!!!! I am so excited!

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