cookie baking with babies & cookie cutters that don't work

Thursday, December 18, 2008

For Kathy & Barie...I can't help but look at these pictures and laugh.  I take all credit for what a funny, crazy baking endeavor this proved to be.  Kathy was so sweet to invite us over to her new, beautiful home the week before Christmas.  She thought it would be fun to do something crafty together.  So my brilliant idea was..."We can bake Christmas cookies with my new 3D cookie cutters!"  Now looking back, this would have been a fantastic idea if...
...3D cookie cutters actually worked & the cookies could stand up in their little stands
...we had picked the right time & temp on the oven to cook the cookies
...we weren't needing to nurse & care for little infants
...and if I didn't have "mommy" brain and put the wrong ingredients in the frosting to make it sour and yucky

Doesn't this sound like it was fun?  It was!  I love getting together and NOT being superwomen!  The time that I have with these 2 ladies is priceless to me.  I always leave encouraged and strengthened in my faith.  I thank God for their friendship constantly.  Only thing is - I'm putting myself on creative-project-idea-probation...for a little while.


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