i'm a thirty-something.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm 30 now.  Do I feel old?  Not really, however, I do feel like...college was a long time ago!  I've discovered that I like "milestone" birthdays.  You get pampered and I'm into that.  I knew that I didn't want a big party.  I don't enjoy being the center of attention of a big party.  Several little celebrations is much more my style.  Adam was kind enough to ask me what I wanted.  I said it doesn't really matter, as long as I'm pampered a lot over a long period of time.  Heehee.
During my birthday weekend, I had a blast going to dinner with my parents, a valentine's date with my man, and a night out with girlfriends.  On the night of my birthday,  I enjoyed a ladies night at Phil's Icehouse (Amy...as in Amy's ice cream...is married to Phil).  It's a fun burger stand connected to an Amy's.  The best part - they have an old photo booth.  My birthday gift was sitting in the photo booth with each gal & taking home the pictures of us.  I loved it!


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