sneaking in

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Adam was on the men's retreat with church.  I had to be creative with my time with the girls & have some fun planned.  The first night I enjoyed a movie night with the oldest two, but once I got them to bed I still wanted some company.  So, I sneaked in on the lil' babe.  
Each of them are so peaceful when the sleep. Adam and I joke that if they were always as sweet as when they sleep...we could have a lot more!
I turned on the closet light and woke her up with the click of the camera. Will she be grumpy??
Nope! She was ready for some slumber party fun too.
Her expression told me..."what's up, Mom? This is fun waking up late at night. Let's play!"
So, we played & cuddled to my heart's content.


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