more of our best buddies

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last night we grilled fajitas with our best buds. It's a shame how infrequent we get our whole families together. It's too much fun! Our kids were playing great together last night, and we got a little talking in (in the midst of the chaos). ;)
The Magees have 4 adorable kids. The night almost went by without any pictures...Mary and I weren't in the mood to pull out the cameras. But now I'm so glad that we have some kid pics. When they are older how are we going to convince them that they are all life-long best friends, without this kind of proof?

cool kids.

Mary's cute kids...

A few more...just had to.

Are girls born on the phone?  Filing their nails?
Are boys born knowing how to do the Heisman pose??
sweet, tired baby.


ren said...

LOOOOVE the triad of the two girls together!!!! And the phone and heisman pics are hilarious. What precious children, Mary & Kendall!!!

Mageetribe said...

Thanks Ren! KC! I love these...Not bad at all for deciding kinda last minute to whip out the camera. The phone and heisman pictures are really funny! You know, I'm gonna need these right?? :) Thanks for having us over. Love you!

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