turning 6. a few more from the birthday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She got a ride to school with Dad...who serenaded her with a birthday rap. I really wish I could have heard it. She thought it was awesome. She'll never believe it one day...but she actually wanted Dad to perform it for her classmates.  Cupcakes with classmates at lunch was a good replacement (for everyone involved, I think).

After school we had an impromptu mini-party with Grammy SueSue at the Chik-fil-a. Got a few presents. And a free balloon. ;)
Here's our conversation in the car on the way to the dollar movie theater. How old are you??
Hanging out before dinner...I'm messing around trying to get the 6:40 shot.
I'm taking pics of her taking pics. I have a feeling this will happen a lot over the years...with 3 girls.
she's such a ham. I have no idea what she's doing here.
I couldn't miss the candle shot in the ice cream. After dinner, there was another impromptu party at Baskin Robbins with more grandparents & aunt amy. This kid has it so good!
We all got a kick out of hearing her read her bday cards out loud. It was a rewarding moment. She can read! Yay!


Ashley said...

mrs. wonderly is so proud of her reading cousin!!! great job! tell her to read this :) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Ashley said...

love your garden in the background papa must be proud!

Aimee and Lonnie said...

Sounds like a super fun birthday!!! I love the garden in the background, too! Do a post on that sometime, kay!!! Hugs, Aimee

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