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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here we are right after nap today. 
The little one is chipper and sweet which is a little unusual when she first wakes its nice.
The older one was a bit grumpy.
But cuddly.
Everything was going okay...until...
these were introduced. 
They are big sister's last gumballs. And big sis refused to share them and little sis threw a big fit about Mommy said that no one was getting a gumball...and then you have THIS moment!
Everything can go south in any moment around here. Obviously we are trying to work on being selfless and respectful, and we have a long way to go...
So sad.  I know.


rachel said...

HAHAHA, that's so great that you captured that moment. Is it wrong I'm laughing?

Mageetribe said...

LOL...that's great. You totally took pictures of the melt's almost as if you knew it was coming. I was cracking up, thinking about ALL the times the exact same scenario goes down at the the Magee house. A carefree, peaceful time, and can turn into something ugly in seconds over here. Maybe I'll whip out my camera next time! :)

Ashley said...

i agree with mary. did you purposely have your camera right next to you? :)

Kendall said...

no, this wasn't planned. I just wanted to take some pictures of the girls & this is what they had to give that day. Nice!

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