kinder graduation day

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here she is on her last day of school today.
The school had a little ceremony and picnic reception.
My rebelliousness against my camera flash did not serve me well, but I love that Dad & baby are in the background.
They sang us several worship songs - How Great is Our God, Everlasting God & In the Secret. This was probably my favorite part. I had such gratefulness in this moment that our little kids could worship together and, during this little milestone, give thanks to God.
Her teacher, Ms. Carlson, gave a tribute to each child where she recognized a unique character quality that she saw in each of her students.
Coming back to give me a kiss. :)
She decorated her hat.
Little sis eating need for cake when there's icing.
Dad's photo-taking skills. No comment. ;)
My last long drive home for a little while. I'm going to love that about summer!

Dad said the closing prayer for the graduation ceremony and I was mopping up the tears after that. I really thought I had a good chance of not crying. Oh well. Babies growing up and Dad's lovingly praying for them...will get you every time!


Ashley said...

I'm so proud of you cuz! You are such a big girl! Are you ready for first grade? Tell me what your favorite thing you learned while you were in kindergarten?

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