Bobby's farewell

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adam and I look up to this guy so much! Our old youth pastor and boss (from our youth ministry intern days) is newly hired as the Senior Pastor at Hill Country Bible - Hutto. We are so excited for him, but that didn't stop me from crying like a baby at his staff send-off party. I love it when Adam and Bobby are working together! They make a great team. We know we will still see them a lot (we will make sure of that!), but it still is a bittersweet change. I'll miss seeing him when we pop into the church. Our girls love to be sneaky and play tricks on him! I'm going to miss seeing those interactions, knowing they will be a little less frequent.

Bobby performed our wedding vows. He takes credit for "arranging" our marriage. It has been an amazing blessing to share life with Bobby and Amy. Adam and I watch their godly example so closely, in ministry/parenting/marriage...pretty much everything. If we have a major life decision...we pray & then I've been known to often say "what does Bobby think about that?" He has so much influence in my husband's life and me as well.
He didn't like his new title "Pastor Bob." Just a little joking with him.
I'm looking forward to downloading some HCBC-Hutto podcasts and listening to one of my heroes preach his heart out! We love you Pruitts!!


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