girls, we need to go exploring (the story of my day today)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow, Monday mornings are just not that pleasant for me. Here I am being honest...I wake up pretty grumpy. I want to pretend it's Saturday and be in denial that I have plenty to do.
Today was a usual Monday morning plus everyone was a little more grumpy than usual. Can you see what I was dealing with?
  • got some sibling rivalry going on
  • mischievous girl trying to block the camera with her shoe. Ha, it didn't work, sweetie.
  • Ok, the baby was being sweet. She's a sweet pea.
Here was my solution = flee the house. Strap them all down and just drive! That was all I could think about...oh, and caffeinate myself.

Free lunches from Chik-fil-a (thanks to the church), iPod shuffle and my cozy station wagon (I will always love this car).
And we drive and we drive. I have no idea where we are going.
We stayed intrigued with seeing some sites from the car window:
  • downtown city streets & campus
  • Town Lake (I mean Lady Bird Lake...I'm still not used to that)
  • South Congress & South 1st..."Hey girls, the Weird part of town...check it."
  • and hey, Zilker. The playscape called our name and things were looking up.
And they played with enthusiasm.
But it got pretty hot, of course.
Her happy place. I have loved this little quirk of hers for a year now.
"Nose." She is learning how to point out her eyes, nose, mouth and her favorite...her belly button these days.
She found her nose alright. "Sweet Pea, that's not very lady-like."

Just one more important stop. The place where your Daddy asked me to marry him.
Our bench @ Zilker Botanical Gardens. I told them the whole story.
Now we are all tired, sweaty, thirsty...but refreshed.
I don't have days like this often. Time is too precious to be grumpy or at least that's what I'm telling myself to remember.


Parkhurst Studios said...

That is SO GREAT! Just Drive. Great idea! Love the pictures, as always!!!

Jen Barnes said...

I was there Sunday night minus my kids (photo session) … isn't that playground/area great?! I love it! I have to make it back out there *with* my kids sometime soon. Great pictures!

Mageetribe said...

Okay, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite post of yours yet...What a fun mom you are! And...I love that you got to show them the bench where it all begun! Love it! Oh, and that old firetruck brings back so many memories. Blake and I were just talking about that playground, and how Zilker seemed like a magical place to us both as kids.

GK said...

So sweet! I love to see pictures of my grandgirls!! Even grumpy pics. And Grandpa loved the shot of the VW logo and that you love your Volkswagen. Call me next time you go to Zilker. I want to play too!! Hugs

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