amy's wedding went great!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tonight my sister-in-law, Amy, got married to Mike. The ceremony was incredibly special. Amy is beloved to us...really beloved. She's survived 2 different battles with leukemia in the last 6 years. When I saw her on that stage tonight, I couldn't help but thank God again that He sustained her life. It was amazing to witness such a joyous celebration of marriage (and of life). She was the most radiant bride. She was giddy, joyous, and sweet. It was fun seeing the two of them dance-like-there-was-no-tomorrow too.

As if all of that isn't amazing enough...there's more. Adam was the officiant. A brother performing the wedding vows for his sister & groom...that's just too cool. He did great. I was a little afraid that he would get emotional and choked up. But he did a wonderful job. Amy made me a bridesmaid, so I had a very close view of Adam and I was very impressed with how collected he was. I was crying though, of course. And...two of our girls were flower girls. It doesn't get more involved than that!

It was just such a special wedding. I can't wait to see Rachel's photos from the wedding. This was all I had on my camera. Amy looked beautiful, so I'm so sad that I don't have a picture to show of her. Okay, I'm exhausted. That is all. Goodnight.


Parkhurst Studios said...

You would do amazing wedding photography. I would go out of business and then I could be your assistant!

Rachel Erwin said...

How pretty! Can't wait to hear more!

Nicole P. said...

Awww sounds like such a special night :) Can't wait to see more pics.

I enjoyed chatting with you briefly at church yesterday.

Kendall said...

Rachel P. - you're crazy!
RayRay - I miss you like crazy!
Nicole - It was nice talking with you too. I need your blog address, girl.

Jen Barnes said...

Hey I want in with some second-or-third shooting possibilities if you go into biz with Rachel P. (hee hee!)

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