Do you think she likes this?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

having fun with dad

I think they will always have memories of Dad being a fun dad. (One little memory for me: This girlie is obsessed with layering her clothes. However, she says, "Look at my laders. Do you like them?" Adam always catches her mispronunciations better than me. This is one I hear everyday, but never noticed until he pointed it out.) Laders...she's cute.


SueSue said...

OK, I heard once that all dads like to do this and that supposedly they need to as it builds "balance" (or something) into the kids. Can that really be?? I say, where are the volleyballs? Please dodge the ceiling fans! What's the insurance deductible?? Ha! Just kidding -- I know he's great at catching. He "caught" you, did he?? :-)

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