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Friday, October 2, 2009

It was actually cool this morning in our backyard! It has been so hot for so long that it felt like the biggest treat to be outside for an hour and not sweat-like-crazy.

They were finally playing on the slide again because it wasn't sizzling hot. Yay!

Will you swing me instead of taking pictures?


Here is our enormous okra plant. Do any of us like okra? Not really. So, of course, it would be the one thing that this fledgling garderner could grow humongous and plentiful.

I loved this as a kid.



The Kuykendalls said...

These pictures (like all of the ones on your blog … you are so talented) are awesome! But I especially like the last one of Super Woman … absolutely priceless!!!

SueSue said...

That picture is so "her!" Love it!

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