her wish list...adam and I are in so much trouble.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today our oldest daughter wrote out her wish list for Christmas. After she read it to me I was amazed! First thought, all of her misspellings are adorable. Second thought, if our goal is to raise a little materialist...we are looking pretty successful. And finally, oh my goodness...how are we going to bring some reality into this situation? I asked her (after her little presentation), "this list is really big...what do you expect to receive for Christmas?" To which she responds, "Mom, I don't expect to get everything (sigh)." (I don't know though).

Her list translated:
American Girl - Rebecca, tights, cardboard house, bracelets, dress, iPod and cell phone, scarf, necklace, doll clothes, Leapster, shawl, dolly bed, picture frame, fairytale book

Oh, goodness.

I had her read it to dad when he got home. His response was classic, "well, sweetie, I think we can afford to get you the cardboard house." (My thoughts...exactly!)

Note to grandparents (and all relatives): this post is for humor-sake and is not meant to be informative. We'll discuss reasonable ideas very soon! :)


Rachel Erwin said...

haha, that's classic. My offer to give her my hand-me-down pink nano still stands if you think she would like that. :)

Nikki said...

I had a question for you regarding your mad photography skills. I couldn't find your email address on your blog.


Ashley said...

hey, the girl knows what she wants :)

SueSue said...

Better hurry before black Friday. :-)

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