just humor me. i took a lot of photos that night.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween = one fun photo opp! I just had to post a few more.
We all got excited about this hot air balloon costume. My daughter and Adam had fun making it together (my contribution was painting the box...I had to pull out my skills from 8th grade art class). I'm putting this one in the attic. It will come out again, or maybe borrowed?
Here are our fun neighbors, Yobany & Denise, enjoying the big reveal. They're cute & expecting a baby, so she's extra-cute. They peeked in on the fun we were having carving pumpkins with our across-the-street neighbors Steve & Mariella. Mariella made these adorable "mummy" mini-pizzas & "mummy" hot dog wraps. Adam carved that pumpkin from scratch...just kidding...he had help from an intricate stencil. But still...that's looking pretty amazing!
ains 2

This costume idea of the bathtub was a lot of fun. Thrown together totally last minute & you have to notice its greatest feature...she's buckled in the whole time! That made trick-or-treating a little easier with 3. The balloons gave her some entertainment too.

The peacock was my attempt at recycling an old recital costume by adding a little felt & a headband. You pay a lot for these outfits...and only wear them once? Big sis donated her Barbie Island Princess peacock feathers to the cause. Well, it was a hit for our little girl. She loved it and the memory of her peacock impression will bring Adam and I delight for a long time.

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