let it snow, let it snow...

Friday, December 4, 2009

We are spending some time in the Hill Country this weekend. I am so ready to see some snow! Even just a little snow sounds amazing to my little Texans.

I just found my new favorite Pandora station - The Choir of King's College (Holiday). It is a collection of Christmas carols. I love carols. (Plus the classical music makes me feel a little more intelligent, you know?)


I was excited about an easy craft project I accomplished this week. I thought my family might be interested because all the ladies in my family have these mitten-giftcard-holders from Ashley (who got them donated from Starbucks). This year I made them into Advent garland by adding stick-on felt numbers from Hobby Lobby. No sew. Just hung them up. I'll post about what we fill them with soon just for fun.


Jen Barnes said...

I'll have to give that pandora station a listen. I've gotten slightly tired of the Harry Connick Jr. (Holiday) station despite it being my all-time favorite genre of Christmas music.

What a great idea with the mittens. We only have three of them but they're totally baby safe ornaments!

Ashley said...

awww...this is such a great idea

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