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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Over the holidays the girls have been blessed by a sleepover with each grandma. They look forward to these so much. On this particular day, our girls were eagerly waiting by the door for their Grandma Karan "G.K." The sign that my oldest made just cracked me up. She was waiting curbside for her grandmother...with her GK bus signage.
Kids are cute. I think they are especially adorable when they light up around family. Each of my kiddos really loves their family members. We have fun with them and depend on them so much. Over the Christmas break we heard sad news that our dear Amy (Adam's sister) has cancer once again. I told my oldest daughter today and held her while she cried a little bit. She loves her aunt so much and doesn't want her to be sick. We all feel that way and wish that this wasn't happening. With that said, we are very hopeful she will recover. It is not as serious as other times that she has faced treatment, but it's still alarming. And still makes our hearts sad that this road is not over for her. Our time with Amy over Christmas was so incredibly sweet for us. We really treasure her and what she brings into our family. She is a loving aunt and sweet sister. Amy has always impressed me with her strength and steadiness. We are praying for her health and peace right now...knowing our Lord can sustain her through this trial like He has been merciful to do in the past. love, KC


Ashley said...

and you know moms need those sleepovers just as much as the kiddos do :)

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