2009 - a year with a lot of photos.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've decided to throw one more post up here to wrap up project 365 from last year. If I had to guess, project 365 probably turned out to be project 265. My consistency began to fade around July. Overall, it was a fun year for learning more about photography.
I put together this little video for my family. We just piled on the couch today and watched it on our tv. I could see this turning into an annual tradition. Adam and I, especially, loved it. It's 4 minutes and has about 100 of my favorite photos from the year. It sounded like fun to share it now, since it won't have as much significance later on in the year. Love, KC

2009 from kc&family on Vimeo.
music: patty griffin, mychael danna & rob simonsen
if you have a mac - drag fave photos from iPhoto and a song from iTunes into iMovie. It does pretty much everything for you. Love it.


Parkhurst Studios said...


Mageetribe said...

Eyes watering up right now...love your family to pieces...I just want to give you all kisses...well, except for Adam...that would be weird. ;) Yes, do one every year!

Ashley said...

oh so sweet! i love my cousins!!!! beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!
however, i felt like that was a memorial video to the blog at its own little blog funeral....come back brunson blog, come back

nessadee said...


Tomi said...

oh i loved that! :) Tomi

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