my "drink-stealer"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Toddlerhood is very honest. There are not a lot of words, but there is so much said.

I love it when you run outside to find dad, only to discover that it's raining...and you don't like that. Right now, you don't like any kind of falling water on we discovered at the water park. :) But all day long you say, "I want Dad!" or "Dad home?" he's worth a little rain on your head.
Right now, you do a lot of things to try and get out of trouble. When you've hurt someone with your amazing strength, you kiss them before there's been any time for a reprimand.
You also do the cutest dance we have ever seen when you are caught playing with something that is on the "no-no" list.
Sometimes you rediscover a toy that you haven't played with for ages and you play like its brand new.
When you say "milk" it sounds like you are saying "gak!"
You ask for my Coke and iced tea all day long. Sounds like "Goke" and "Tea." I don't love it when you steal my drink, but you get away with it the most of everyone in the house. Because you are a toddler and you work really hard at being so cute that we let you get away with it.


Michelle said...

Oh my word. I love this so much! What a darling.

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