the night before kinder

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

36 days ago I wrote this:

"Tomorrow is your first day of Kindergarten, Peach. I can't believe it! You just turned 5 last week and we think you are a brave little girl to be starting Kinder this year.

You have been the little girl in our family who loves family time at home the most. You love having us all together. So this is a big step to be going to school on your own as a big kid. One thing we are praising God for this year is that you get to join your sister at school. Y'all get to be best-friend-sisters at home and at school. We hope you make some great memories at school with new friends, but we also hope you make some great memories with your sister.

You packed up your school supplies this afternoon & you picked out your outfit...and I could tell it got you really excited. For 2 years now, you have been in the car with me taking big sis to school. Now it is your turn to be a new student.

We think your are so smart. Daddy and I are always amazed at what you can accomplish when you focus your mind on it. We are also continually amazed at how brave and fearless you can be when we least expect it (like loving roller coasters and buying things at the store on your own).

Tonight I thought it was so cute that I found your water bottle in your backpack already filled up with water. You wanted to be all ready today and I think you are. Your teacher is wonderful and you have already met a handful of really sweet classmates. Have fun and be friendly. I'll be thinking about you all day, not because I don't think you are ready...but because I don't feel ready to let you grow up. You are my sweet, cuddly kid and I'll be missing you tomorrow.
I love you and I was thinking about you. I couldn't sleep until I wrote you some of my thoughts.
Love, MOM"


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