saying goodbye to wish fish

Friday, September 17, 2010

We have sad girls over here because their only pet, Wish Fish, died.  There were even more tears than I expected last night.  We said goodbye and sent him on with a flush.
I don't think I've every written about Wish Fish and I have to tell his story.  You see, Wish Fish, was the craziest party favor we have ever received!  I can say that and know that the friend who gave him to us should be laughing right now. :)  He came home with us 2 1/2 years ago, I think, or maybe 3 years!

I never bought him a bowl, he was always in a vase I already owned.  He was kept alive for so long only because my husband faithfully fed it.  Adam claimed that he was a he, because he's so out-numbered around here.

We have marveled at that fish for so long.  Long after all the other "party favor" fish had died.  Now my girls are looking at me with puppy-dog-eyes and longing for a new pet and I can't quite think about that yet.

For my friends who have been amazed by my neglected, but loved, fish for so many must know that I'm sad for the little guy in the end.  If you have any words of comfort for the kiddos, I'll make sure they read it. ;)


Mamma Texas said...

Actually I was crying. And laughing too! I'mm glad there is a fishy heaven where all the fishes go to swim and jump with all their friends.

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