the birthday date

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My husband has plenty of pressure around my birthday.  It's the day after Valentine's (today actually).  There always has to be some thought put into the birthday/Valentine's plans.  I don't ever expect amazing plans, but I would be lying if I didn't say I like them!
Last Friday we had our sweet date.  It had a grand start because we had kids dropped off by early afternoon.  Sweet!  And at the start of our venture he handed me an envelope...looked like this...
There were 4 envelopes total.  I chose tea @ the Steeping Room, an Italian restaurant downtown, a drink at a coffee shop (where we had our first date), and movie at home.  Perfect.
My guy with his cookie.  He likes chocolate.  And he (surprisingly) liked the tea we drank too.
Here he is handing me another envelope.  Doesn't my birthday cupcake look good?
When we went to the Steeping Room, I convinced him to take me into Anthropologie (he said okay if we go in the Apple Store :).  In Anthropologie he picked up this book and checked out the chapter titled, "How to Woo with Flair."  I told him he didn't need the book. ;)
I can't wait to share what my bday present was!  But that's for another post.


denisemayen said...

So fun! Happy birthday dear friend. Miss you!

Adam said...

Wow, the guy behind the cookie looks hot.

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