flying solo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Adam came home sick from work yesterday.  I felt for him because he had a fever and looked miserable.  Then about 4pm today (a day and a half later), I started feeling empathetic for myself.  Flying solo is hard work. :)  I had to pull out all my tricks.  Pizza and the sprinkler park.  And then some long, silent prayers that they would go to bed soon after.

Something about this one (below) that I just love.
I was playing around with our wide angle lens (24mm).  It is so much fun with kids.  And a little tricky at a splash park considering you have to get in close.  I think the moms where looking at me with my camera and thinking I was too crazy.  I say, "What else is a camera for?!"  They're waterproof, right?


Barie Sue said...

love the pics and that you're 1 for 1 so far :-) hope he feels better by tomorrow!

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