I read another book! It's a summer miracle.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I decided to read Lewis' The Great Divorce because I found this interesting series by a favorite author/teacher, Ken Boa.  
"It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between." — C.S. Lewis
When Lewis says "old," he is probably talking ancient.  This is stretching enough for me.  This little book from the 40's, written shortly after The Screwtape Letters.  

It is a fictional piece.  Don't take it literally, but there are true principles communicated within this fantasy.  It's about a group of "ghosts" who board a bus in Hell and go on a trip to visit Heaven.  It's about a collection of stories of individuals who are either choosing to move toward God or away from Him.  

I found it captivating.  I've probably told 5 people in my life so far they have to read it this summer.  I can be a little pushy at times. :)  I just found it that fascinating.

I was excited to read Ken Boa's guide alongside.  It helped me engage at a deeper level some of the spiritual truths in the story.  It reminded me of being in a book club, except it's with a crazy-smart christian professor (I'm fascinated by his degrees...Th.M., Ph.D., and D.Phil...what??).  I have read only a few classics since college/seminary.  I'll try to take Lewis' advice and throw in a classic here and there.  Books that are decades/hundreds of years old and are still in print seem to hold amazing value.  I hope my girls capture a love of reading too.  The "Taste of the Classics" series would be wonderful for them when they are in high school.  I'm tucking that idea away. :)

A few more links:
The Great Divorce :: free to read online (I found my copy easily at my library)
Ken Boa - The Great Divorce :: here is a book discussion you can listen to online, free


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