playing at the lake with SueSue

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We enjoyed a fun two days with Grammy SueSue and Grandpa T-go.  The girls love to retreat out at the lake condo.  They loved the see-saw, sand play and wading in the freezing lake water.  I enjoyed being more of an observer than participant.  I couldn't brave the cold water like them.  Big sis was so excited to find tiny shells in the sand and little sis loved making big splashes.  There was a hint of Texas summer weather as we left.  The temp. got near 87 at the end of our trip, so we justified sno cones on the way home (our first of the season).  


Rachel Erwin said...

looks like fun! I want to see pictures of you! will you please send some soon! I haven't seen your belly in a while.

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