sibling class

Saturday, May 10, 2008

On Saturday, the girls enjoyed a sibling class to get ready for the baby coming.  It was too cute.  They took their baby dolls and the nurse taught them how to care for a newborn.  They learned things like how they have to wash their hands before touching her, not to touch her soft spot, & what to expect from a baby (they cry a lot!).  I was glad that we did it.  They actually learned a lot because someone else was presenting all of the information.  At the end of the class, they toured a hospital room and peeked at a newborn in the nursery.  Now there is no mystery when I disappear and go have the baby.  They are even more excited now, which I find very sweet.  At the end, they received certificates saying they were ready to be great big sisters and goodie bags, so that made it a big hit!


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