a scary tornado night

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have learned that in the case of a weather emergency, we are not that prepared as a family.  On Wednesday night, Adam and I were watching a movie and taking it easy when my mom called.  Thank goodness she called to tell us of the tornado warning because we were not watching any news at that point.  We turn on the news and there it is - a funnel cloud heading right for our house.  There were reports of golf ball size hail and this funnel cloud that had great potential to touch down near us.  At one point, the weatherman described two addresses of sitings (both within one mile from our house).
So, what did we do?  We gathered up the girls who were already asleep and pulled them into the interior bathroom with a crib matress.  I'm not all that calm.  We are all praying like crazy and at one point I just start rambling about the gospel...wanting my kids to hear it one more time.  The electricity is flickering and our poor, sweet girls are freaking out.  And I'm right there freaking out with them.  It all passed over us and we are fine.  We are still thanking God for that!  But come to find out other stories from families we know...we didn't seem very prepared.  We had several friends claim that they brought in blankets, flashlights, board games and snacks.  It became a family night for them!  Those sweet parents saved their childrens' sanity much better than I did.  My girls are still talking, very dramatically, about how they survived the tornado night and it wasn't our fondest memory.


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