capturing childhood

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I was given the advice a few years ago that the perfect age for a child portrait was around 4. They still look young, but they are starting to look like they will always. And they still have their front teeth! She finally has her strange haircut grown out (from when she cut it herself), so it was time to try to capture a portrait. I hope to have all 3 girls' portraits hanging of when they are 4 years old (or 5).

This one may be my favorite, probably because her dimple is showing.  We know our photographer really well, so when she asked to take our sweetie out by themselves I didn't hesitate.  It worked really well and both of them had a lot of fun.  And it was stressless for me, I loved it.


Jason, Patty, & Eliana Grace said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful girl! What a special moment to get captured in time.

Rachel Erwin said...

She looks so beautiful! Rachel did such a good job!

Mageetribe said...

Ainsley looks so big! I can't stand it. But boy, are those pictures amazing!!

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