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Friday, July 18, 2008

As we get out again and return to normal life, I've enjoyed seeing people again.  I have found it funny though how you start to have set answers to baby-related questions.  I wanted to record some of my answers to the most common questions in my life right now.

How are your other girls with the new baby?
My oldest two are doing really well with the baby.  They love her like crazy - almost to a fault.  The can kiss her and cuddle her a little too much...if you know what I mean.  My greatest struggle with them right now, is that they always want to have "fun" plans.  They have enjoyed a lot of stimulation from Adam and the grandparents lately.  So, if they are subjected to staying home without any plans...they can be a little crazy.  I'm praying for energy these days so that I can start to provide them with a little more stimulation, myself, instead of depending on other people for that.
Are you and Adam exhausted? 
Yes!  I am exhausted!  I've rediscovered something kind of strange about myself though, I can feed and change a baby in the middle of the night without really waking up.  It is hard to remember what happened the night before when I wake up in the morning (I just know I got up once or twice).  To tell the truth, with no disrespect to my husband, Adam has had a full night's sleep every night.  I dream of him giving the middle of the night feeding and we are working towards that as we introduced the bottle this weekend.  
How is the baby doing?  What is she like?
The baby is doing pretty good.  Our most challenging part is nursing and we have had to seek help with that.  We've both gotten better, but its not easy yet.  And I know it will get easy...I'm just practicing patience right now.  Outside of her crying pretty loud when she's hungry, she doesn't have too many quirks.  She likes too sleep, cuddle and sit in the swing.  We are also working the pacifier - she is my first paci-kid.  
Is the transition to 3 more difficult than the transition to 2?
I don't know yet.  I still have lots of help from family and I have not entered my new reality yet.  But I think with my personality, the transition from 1 to 2 may have been more dramatic.  I really struggled going from all that attention on one daughter to 2 daughters.  And that season in life was really hard.
Who does the baby look like?
I think she looks like our middle daughter.  My mom swears she looks so close to my baby pictures.  A mini-me would be fun. :)
How do you feel?
It's up and down really.  I have days were I am incredibly overwhelmed and other days filled with complete joy.  I have been laughing a lot at all of our kids, which has been encouraging.  And I'm doing a lot better on the days I can take naps, that's for sure!


Jason, Patty, & Eliana Grace said...

You are doing such a great job! If anyone is a great mommy, it is you. We really miss you guys, and can't believe these little girls are growing up so fast.

Mageetribe said...

That was a great post. Thanks for your honesty! You're doing awesome. The girls are lucky to have you as a mommy!!

SueSue said...

You're doing a super job, Tuggie! What a super-mom! Hope we can get some more naps booked for August! Love you! mummsie

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