one good smile

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Thursday and I am ready for the weekend already.  This new stage of life I'm entering, of running all around to school/events/dance/etc, really makes me tired.  My sweet baby got 15 minute naps here and there all day.  She did good on the go, but she was tired.  After finally taking one long nap in the car, here is her response to finally being home (out of that carseat!).  I totally agree with her!  Home is great.

One more thing...I love how babies can't just smile with their face, they smile using their whole bodies.  They light up and then do this crazy, jerky wiggle.  It will just make your day.


Mageetribe said...

What a great smile!! I love all the chins!

SueSue said...

Looks like she's smiling all the way down to her toes, too!! Love the feet!

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