memories from Christmas morning

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here are a few of my memories from our Christmas as a family...

Starting our morning reflecting on the nativity & why we celebrate Christmas

Here is my gift from our oldest girl. I opened up a nicely packaged gift bag and found rocks, $1, and her favorite seashells. She gave me her "treasures." I love them! I know what her heart meant by giving me these things. They are important to her & so I will treasure them too. Sweet memory!

One of her favorite gifts, a sparkle purse. Adam and I have such a funny story about this gift, but no one ever finds it funny when we tell it. It will just be for us, I guess.

The sweet baby did not need a single thing. So, she got a sweet wooden rattle. It was in instant hit!

What I'll remember our Christmas morning looking like...

Adam surprised me with some clothes money & a gift credit (so I can make my annual family yearbook out of last year's blog posts). I'll be enjoying my gifts for a little while, mainly because I can't find time to shop & blog book design! But I'm so grateful!


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