adam's office makeover

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My birthday present to Adam was a makeover on his office at work. I knew it would be encouraging if his office was more inviting for people to come in, sit, and carry on conversations. We had been saying for 2 years that his office needed a sofa. And then...Jake got hired and moved in. His office furniture was so cool and I knew I was going to hear about his cool office. So, I took a preemptive step to get his office to the next level. I didn't get a good "before" picture, but you get the idea.

I consulted with one of my interior-design-heroes, my cousin, Brittany. She gave me this color swatch (which I had a hard time getting to look just right in a photograph). It looks so much better on the walls in person. It's Benjamin Moore's Hampshire gray (HC-101). It's a green, with a lot of gray in it. All the men have really liked it. I don't think all women would get excited about it, but I really like it.
I painted the diploma frames that we already had with black satin spray paint from Hobby Lobby. That was so easy, I want to paint a bunch of old picture frames now. I got new black mattes too.
We bought the boat pictures for his office years ago from Joann's (love that 40% off coupon). We knew we needed to keep the oak office furniture, so I picked up black accents. Oak and black goes pretty well together, right? Pretty much all the accessories are from Ikea. The loveseat we found at Garden Ridge.
The photo ledge idea was from a scrapbooking magazine. Cheap ledge and clip frames...Ikea rocks.
The daughter looking not too amused. After church...and hungry.
A few more photos on Ikea magnet strips.
This is how we spent friday & saturday night at the end of our vacation week. It was more fun than hard work. And he likes it a that made it even more fun.


Ashley said...

Oh So Cute!!! Sorry Adam, I know you don't want your office to be labeled as "cute" but it is! KC you did a fabulous job!

Ashley said...

ummm...I didn't see any pics of me in his office :)

rachel said...

looks awesome.

Mageetribe said...

KC, you did a great job! I love how it turned out...and I got a few ideas along the way. Hopefully Adam won't be canned in the near future! ;)

Kendall said...

exactly! we've been told that from some fellow do you know you'll be here long? we are surrounded by kidders...I hope!

Barie Sue said...

Kendall, it turned out awesome!!! It looks manly, yet homey - that's a hard combination to achieve.

SueSue said...

Great Job! Colors look perfect and good choices with the oak. I give it a 10!

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