happy st. paddy's day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The kids are in green. I need to look up how to explain this holiday, but I made them wear green and told them about the pinching. The oldest daughter really wanted to not wear green, so that she'd get pinched all day. Our middle daughter thinks that its Patrick's day, as in our cousin Patrick. She's been asking if we are going to see Patrick today while he is working. Too cute!
This is still all she wants to show people.  Now a big tooth is coming in.
She's coming at me! I'm not in green yet. She's just dying to have permission to pinch.
I hope to speak with the happy couple today, because it's my Nanny & Papa's wedding anniversary.  Congratulations!


The Blanton Bunch said...

Patrick was honored the girls thought it was cousin Patrick day!

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