childhood in Texas

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a few updated pics...I'm liking this vintage feel a lil' better.

We drove far into the hill country to find a bluebonnet hill.  When I got home I discovered that there wasn't one picture where they were all looking at the camera.  Oh, well.  There's just one of me and 3 of them, so I'm coming to terms with it.  It is still sweet to have a memory of sitting in bluebonnets.  I was grateful to have daughters on a day like this because at least they thought the idea of hunting for a field of flowers was a great idea, even if they wanted nothing to do with the camera.


SueSue said...

Wow! You found, perhaps, the only field! They're rare out there. So glad you got your shot with all 3 of them. Great daily shot for your Project 365! xoxo

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